Have any of you bought die cuts? They make great additions to your game making arsenal. They are relatively inexpensive but when your stuck buying a pack of 30 of the same items, it might be wasteful if you run out of ideas to use the shapes.

In my local library, they have an AccuCut machine and some dies to use with it. It is FREE to use – you just bring in your own paper. You may also be able to use foam sheets, magnet paper, wallpaper scraps, etc. My library has the shape of Michigan (including the Upper Peninsula, which many times prepackaged shapes do not include), music notes, big letters, some animals, vehicles, paper dolls and more. When was the last time you visited your library? Make sure you look – and if you don’t see one, ask!

My nearest scrapbooking store also has an AccuCut which customers can use for Free – mainly for use by scrapbookers, but if you have things to scrap, or need to buy a sheet of scrapbook paper, that’s always helpful. (Plus, they have a clearance table.)

I purchased a Sizzix machine in the Fall of 2006, on sale, and I found some dies at a resale shop (very inexpensive – what a find!). We have been having fun seeing all the neat things we can do with it. One of the projects my dd did was to make her best friend’s birthday card & decorations for the wrapping paper. Another scrapbook store has a Sizzix machine & some dies people can use while they are at a crop. This particular store seems to have lots of crops (they also have an AccuCut + dies) due to the amount of tables – pretty much have of this store is the crop area.

For game making, these die cut machines are neat because you can use whatever colored paper you have on hand (not limited to the colors on prepackaged shapes), make as many as you want/need per game.
More about AccuCut: AccuCut machines can cut anything scissors can cut–faster and easier.
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