Getting Kids Interested

Homeschooling Tips | Homeschooling on a ShoestringWhat do you do if you have a child who doesn’t really seem to be interested in anything in particular?

If television is allowed in the house – does your child have a favorite show? Watch it with them, see what it’s about and talk about the show afterward. Ask them questions such as who is the main person on the show, what does the character do, what would you do if he came over for the day, what is that character’s favorite kind of food (which may bring your child into the kitchen and help make it) — or pretend that the character will come visit for a day and make what food they’d like, plan some games they might like to do, (as much as I dislike Pokemon – it does have an educational value, you just have to find it); if not a favorite show – then a favorite movie or book, even have your child write a letter to their favorite character and tell that character about themselves and what they like to do (wow, maybe you can even “mail” it for them, and have the character write them back — of course, that would be you typing a letter back to your child as that character, corresponding with your child, and even if your child figures out that it’s you – you both may have fun doing that and pretending it’s that character). That all may help gently lead your child into wanting to learn. It could just be that finding things your kids might be interested in is easier than one would believe.

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