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We’ve been trying to eat healthier. It’s not easy and down right a PITA since the fridge went kaput. Eating fresh fruits and veggies are out of the question since we need shelf-stable food only. We were gifted a cube fridge (like a tiny dorm fridge) but you can’t put much in there besides milk (once opened, the rice milk or almond milk has to be refrigerated) and a few popsicles. So shelf-stable food…Our nearest grocery store has a decent ‘scratch & dent’ section. We used to find closeout items right on the shelves alongside everything else. The store hasn’t done that in a while. They have been pulling the scratch & dents and repackaged items and putting them by the bottle returns. We found some organic soups & broths that we can add a can of no salt mixed veggies and noodles to, undented lite pears (I still won’t buy dented cans), and even 13 Bean Soup Mix at great prices.

Since we are not ‘fully vegetarian’ yet, we do eat animal products on occasion. I went to the food pantry a couple of weeks ago, spoke to someone about what programs they had to help me in my situation. After chatting for a bit, I happened to blurt out about the fridge – or lack thereof – and was signed up for a furniture list (apparently they consider fridges furniture), anyway, I’m on a waitlist for that. So then they asked me if I wanted to get us on a holiday help program. I asked what it was about. They said to help with gifts for my dd a Christmas, and a holiday menu. I asked what was on that. A frozen turkey, dressing, canned veggies, etc. Well I ended up looking at the worker funny and then she realized what she said. We have no fridge. A frozen turkey will be pointless.

I’m not done with this post yet, but has some of my thoughts on dining on a shoestring. In the meantime, check out the link below. I found it today but haven’t had time to have a good look yet.

Vegetarian on the Cheap – A Beginner’s Guide how to stay hip, healthy and on a budget.

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