Time Travel Unit Study

Name of Unit-Safari Unit : Time Travel

Copyright Info : This unit is Not to be included in any file sharing programs or groups, etc.

DescriptionTime Travel is a Unit-Safari Unit that is a New Unit of September 13, 2009. Compiled by Charlene.

The information here is for a wide range of ages so, please check first to make sure books, videos and links are appropriate for your own family. If there are blank sections, no information had been shared about that section.
When updating the older units, if materials look like they could be a copyright problem, search for the link. If the link cannot be found, leave the lesson out. For example a lesson plan copied from a website belongs to the website owner. Links to lesson plans and activities here represent materials that can be printed and added to your notebook for this unit.

Learning Objectives :

Many parents and teachers will need to create their own goals. You can compare the goals at these sites to create your own goals depending on how stringent your requirements need to be. All links have several suggested activities for different ages.

Bible References :

Look up and Compare Scriptures at the sites below. In your Journal note how the different translations and versions help you to have a fuller understanding of the text.

Timeline :

Vocabulary :
http://wordweb.info/free/ free downloadable software to look up words.
http://dictionary.reference.com online dictionary

Book Resources :

  • Adkins, Jan — A Storm Without Rain
  • Griffin, Peni — Switching Well
  • Farmer, Penelope — Charlotte Sometimes
  • Hahn, Mary Downing — Time for Andrew
  • Kennemore, Tim — Changing Times
  • L’Engle, Madeleine — An Acceptable Time
  • Mazer, Norma Fox — Saturday, the Twelfth of October
  • Moskin, Marietta — Dream Lake
  • Pascal, Francine — Hangin’ Out with Cici
  • Pearce, Philippa — Tom’s Midnight Garden
  • Pearson, Kit — A Handful of Time
  • Slepian, Jan — Back to Before
  • Thomas, Jane — The Princess in the Pigpen
  • Voigt, Cynthia — Building Blocks
  • Beckman, Thea — Crusade in Jeans
  • Gifaldi, David — Gregory, Maw, and the Mean One
  • Greer, Gery — Max and Me and the Time Machine
  • Greer, Gery — Max and Me and the Wild West
  • Griffith, Helen — Journal of a Teenage Genius
  • Peck, Richard — The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp
  • Bethancourt, T. — The Tomorrow Connection
  • Bond, Nancy — Another Shore
  • Cheetham, Ann — Black Harvest
  • Cheetham, Ann — The Pit
  • French, Jackie — Somewhere Around the Corner
  • Goodwin, Marie — Where the Towers Pierce the Sky
  • Hurmence, Belinda — A Girl Called Boy
  • James, J. Alison — Sing for a Gentle Rain
  • Lunn, Janet — The Root Cellar
  • Mooney, Bel — The Stove Haunting
  • Park, Ruth — Playing Beatie Bow
  • Peyton, K. M. — A Pattern of Roses
  • Radford, Ken — Haunting at Mill Lane
  • Radford, Ken — House in the Shadows
  • Rodowsky, Colby — Keeping Time
  • Weldrick, Valerie — Time Sweep
  • Wibberley, Leonard — The Crime of Martin Coverly
  • Wiseman, David — Adam’s Common
  • Wiseman, David – Thimbles
  • Yolen, Jane — The Devil’s Arithmetic
  • Scieszka, Jon — Time Warp Trio Series:
    • Knights of the Kitchen Table
    • The Not-So-Jolly Roger
    • The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy
    • Your Mother Was a Neanderthal
    • 2095
  • Avi — Something Upstairs
  • Dunlop, Eileen — The Maze Stone
  • MacDonald, Reby — The Ghosts of Austwick Manor
  • Peck, Richard — Voices After Midnight
  • Reiss, Kathryn — Time Windows
  • Alexander, Lloyd — Time Cat
  • Barron, T. A. — The Ancient One
  • Bellairs, John — The Ghost in the Mirror
  • Chetwin, Grace – Collidescope
  • Chetwin, Grace — On All Hallow’s Eve
  • Conrad, Pam – Stonewords
  • Coville, Bruce — The Dinosaur that Followed Me Home
  • Eager, Edward — Time Garden
  • L’Engle, Madeleine — Many Waters
  • Lindbergh, Anne — Nick of Time
  • Lindbergh, Anne — Three Lives to Live
  • Mahy, Margaret — Aliens in the Family
  • Marsden, John — Out of Time
  • Pausacker, Jenny — Fast Forward
  • Peel, John — Uptime, Downtime
  • Rodda, Emily — The Best-Kept Secret
  • Sauer, Julia — Fog Magic
  • Sleator, William — Strange Attractors
  • Uttley, Alison — A Traveller in Time
  • Vande Velde, Vivian — A Well-Timed Enchantment

Poetry & Music :

Video Resources :

Software Resources:


Games :


Clip Art :


Recipes :


Field Trips :

Art, Pictures, and Craft Ideas :

  • use a big box and decorate it to make it into a time machine

Activities & Lesson Plans :

Worksheets :

Worksheets :

  • http://www.schoolhousetech.com This company gives away two free software worksheet factories one for Basic math and one for wordsearch utility that will make wonderful complements to this unit when you include the clipart listed in the clipart section.
  • http://www.startwrite.com This program makes nice reports and handwriting worksheets for the unit
  • http://www.teachers-pet.org will turn any text into a worksheet I like to use it with the Wikipedia text or texts from Project Gutenberg. Open up a Microsoft Word “New” and then open the template and add ins’ for teacher’s pet and add one paragraph at a time and click the appropriate tab for the type of question you want.

Complete Units :

Information and General Resources :

Web Information :

Evaluation Ideas :

Assemble a three ring binder and please include:

  • A copy of this unit
  • Course Description (Highschool Students)
  • Write a summary about books read for the unit
  • Your Lapbook created for the unit (K-8 Students)
  • Any worksheets or activity books created with Teachers Pet or the SchoolhouseTech Software
  • Your journal and its contents
  • Your Log of activities from Homeschool Tracker https://www.homeschooltracker.com/free-homeschool-tracker-basic-edition/ Its Free!
  • Your Timeline
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