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Shipwrecks in History Unit Study Homeschooling on a ShoestringUnit-Safari Unit : Shipwrecks in History Unit Study

Shipwrecks in History Worksheets :

Worksheet creation tools
  • This program makes nice reports and handwriting worksheets for the unit.
  • This company gives away two free software worksheet factories one for Basic math and one for wordsearch utility that will make wonderful complements to this unit when you include the clipart listed in the clipart section.
  • will turn any text into a worksheet. Use it with the Wikipedia text or texts from Project Gutenberg. Open up Microsoft Word “New” document, then open the template and add ins’ for Teacher’s Pet and add one paragraph at a time and click the appropriate tab for the type of question you want.
  • Has several online worksheet makers and a ton of Rubric makers. Rubrics work great with Homeschool Tracker because they give you total points and you count up exactly how many points your child gets.
  • Online Crossword Puzzle Maker to use with your Vocabulary words or locations or even dated from the timeline.

Shipwrecks in History Complete Units :

Shipwrecks in History Information and General Resources :

Shipwrecks in History Information :

Shipwrecks in History Unit Study Evaluation Ideas :

Evaluation Ideas
  • Check for Quizzes on any of the books you have read. After you read a specified
  • Create your own test
  • Create your own test with EasyTestMaker
  • Assemble a three ring binder and please include:
    • A copy of this unit
    • Course Description (High school Students)
    • Write a summary about books read for the unit
    • Your Lapbook created for the unit (K-8 Students)
    • Any worksheets or activity books created with Teachers Pet or the SchoolhouseTech Software
    • Your journal and its contents
    • Look at Scrapbook to Learn for more ideas on assembling your binder
    • Your Log of activities from Homeschool Tracker Its Free!
    • Your Timeline
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