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This is created to compile a list of links and suggested additional materials for Story Books and Children’s and Young Adults Literature you may already have on your shelf. The goal is to have a well developed tool box for our favorite books.

This site grew as an extension of Unit Safari. Many members were on that group, while others were not. You did not have to be. IF spam started to come into this group – membership would then only be granted if you were part of the main group (Unit-Safari).

Links: Prepared units, Online Worksheets, Online Activities, Any online Printable relating to the story book we are focusing on.

Affiliate Links: After some link titles you might see: (aff). This means it is an affiliate link. All affiliate proceeds go to help support the main website Homeschooling on a Shoestring. Any other affiliate links will be removed.

Materials as attachments: Worksheets and activities you have created may be sent as attachments, Materials that were once available free online but can no longer be found. Nothing can be added that will violate copyright laws.

Description taken from old YahooGroup

Family Education Book List links to book-related activities ‘For Little Kids’ and ‘For Older Kids’

Worksheet Factories Worksheet and Test Makers for Teachers. There are three free software programs here that will work with all books. Just incorporate clip art that matches! I’ll send through samples for a unit or too!

Make a T-shirt about the Book This Lesson will work with ALL books with only minor adaptations.

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