Summer Unit Study

Name of Unit: Summer


Unit-Safari Summer Unit

Description: This unit covers the season of summer and things to do in the summer. There are teacher tools as well as student activities.


Bible References:

  • Look up and Compare Scriptures at the sites below. In your Journal note how the different translations and versions help you to have a fuller understanding of the text.
  1. American Standard Version
  2. World English Bible in Mp3
  3. World Wide Study Bible
  4. New World Translation
  5. King James Bible In Mp3
  6. is free software that will allow you to compare MANY translations at the same time!


Learning Objectives:

  • The student will be able to:
  1. Appreciate the importance of summer in the seasonal cycle.
  2. Develop listening skills and demonstrate these skills.
  3. Become familiar with terms and procedures related to topic.
  4. Dramatize information learned about topic.
  5. Evaluate information based on prior experiences and newly-acquired knowledge.
  6. Research a variety of documents to obtain knowledge.
  7. Exercise critical thinking skills.
  8. Learn to gather and use research information.
  9. Create a notebook to demonstrate organizational skills.
  • Many Parents and teachers will need to create their own goals you can compare the goals at these sites to create your own depending on how stringent your requirements need to be’ All links have several suggested activities for different ages.
  1. Maine as an example of state level requirements
  2. National Level
  3. Ontario Canada K-8 Expectations Templates Just check off where your child is!
  4. The series of books called “What your “nth” Grader needs to know” by E.D. Hirsch may also be helpful (Nth representing the grade your child is in). This series only Goes to grade 8.



  • Create a timeline of your own life! Focus on activities that have taken place in the summer!
















Ice cream






Hot Dog






Book Resources:

  • Primary text about summer! See worksheets section
  • Fresh & Fun: Summer. Dozens of Instant and Irresistible Ideas and Activities from Creative Teachers across the Country. School may be out, but learning is still as fun as ever. This collection features teacher-tested activities for Bugs, Sand and Sun, Patriotism, and Friendship. Includes a read-aloud play, math storymat, mini-book, art projects, computer and literature links, and more. Grades K – 2
  •,1120,63-25466,00.html Summer is a good time to evaluate where younger students are in reading. Are they ready?
  • Summer Reading Projects
  1. has a few free downloadable books.
  2. Look up OLD books to read over the summer little kids will like to read books by Beatrix potter older ones might like Jules Verne.
  • Are you planning Next years Curriculum These sites may help
  1. Textbooks free online reading for Highschool and College as well as teachers.
  • Do you plan on being in the car for much of the summer? These mp3 books would be great listening!
  3. Science @ NASA News Archive. Some articles will directly relate to summer.
  4. All the old Radio Shows!


Poetry + Music:


Video and Software Resources:

  • this site changes regularly and you will need to be a support group leader or classroom teacher to get the videos. I got a Bicycle Safety video from them some time back called professor Helmut on helmets. If your support group doesn’t have the video already order it as the Technology coordinator for your group. If you’re not in a group, form your own! You’ll be surprised home many people there are with similar methods of homeschooling to yours! My group allows families to join that have students who are Dual enrolled having some use of the Public School system but also educated at home.
  • Practice the geography of the lands that have Sumer right now!
  • Astro Mania is about the universe our position in the universe that dictates our seasons.



  1. Try matching the Item to the season
  2. The vocabulary words with a picture or a definition
  3. Math sheets with any of the clipart for summer!


Clip Art: The variety of things done in summer leaves it difficult to see which clipart suits best this unit. Please browse around the websites listed to find what you need.


Worksheets, Activities, and complete units:



  • Bubble Recipe

1 gallon cool water

1 cup liquid dishwashing detergent (Dawn or Joy)

2 Tbsp. liquid glycerin or white syrup

Mix the water and detergent thoroughly making as little suds as possible. Allow the mixture to sit overnight in a cool place. Add more water to this mixture on a less humid day. Glycerin is available at the pharmacy.


Field Trips:

  • The Beach
  • The Zoo
  • A Farm (try to do a organic and a regular farm for comparison)


Evaluation Ideas:

  • Assemble a three ring binder please include:
  • A copy of this unit
  • Course Description (Highschool Students)
  • Write a summary about books read for the unit
  • Your Lapbook created for the unit (K-8 Students)
  • Any worksheets or activity books created with Teachers Pet or the SchoolhouseTech Software
  • Your journal and its contents.
  • Your Log of activities from Homeschool Tracker Its Free!
  • Your Timeline

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