Iditarod Unit Study

Name of Unit-Safari Unit Study: Iditarod Unit Study


Copyright Info : This unit is Not to be included in any file sharing programs or groups, etc.


Description: Iditarod is a Unit-Safari Unit that is a New Unit of . Compiled by .


The information here is for a wide range of ages so, please check first to make sure books, videos and links are appropriate for your own family. If there are blank sections, no information had been shared about that section.
When updating the older units, if materials look like they could be a copyright problem, search for the link. If the link cannot be found, leave the lesson out. For example a lesson plan copied from a website belongs to the website owner. Links to lesson plans and activities here represent materials that can be printed and added to your notebook for this unit.


Learning Objectives :

Many parents and teachers will need to create their own goals. You can compare the goals at these sites to create your own goals depending on how stringent your requirements need to be. All links have several suggested activities for different ages.





  • Abuse
    Temperate Rain Forest
  • downloadable software to look up words.
  • online Dictionary
  • Copy each word and its definition onto a sheet of paper for your portfolio.
  • Make Flash cards to use with these vocabulary words. I print the wordlist on the front then have the kids HAND write the definition in their own words on the back. It helps them to remember the definitions better.


Book Resources:

The Call of the Wild Free Make your own book version I Love these you can make some GREAT worksheets with them using Teacher’s Pet or any other materials. Younger students might enjoy reading more if they are given one section a day. Leave the top half of the page open for illustration and then make the bottom of it be the words of the book. You might even want to use the handwriting tracer fonts at or I like the Font called Learning Curve.

  3. (The real lead dog through the hardest part of the Journey)
  • Where’s Spot


Poetry, Music, Pod Casting & Audio Files:


Video and Software Resources:

  • Nearly all units can be supported with “shipping only” software I have used for quite some time, but also looks good.
  • When no resources are listed for Video I check Planet DVD for shipping only DVD’s almost every topic will have a free documentary here. They run many from A&E channel and the History Channel so if that is listed in a unit as a resource I check here to see if I can get the DVD.
  • BYKI Language is free software for flashcards every week they allow you to download a new list. Does not have a native Alaskan Language as of yet but French, English, and Spanish are among a few of the secondary languages spoken in Alaska. You can down load any of the past weekly lessons here
  • Balto
  • Kavik
  • The Call of the Wild
  • White Fang



  • GeoSafari (File folder game Ideas will work for GeoSafari and Vice Versa)
  1. Donna Young’s Instructions
  2. Educational Insights the makers of GeoSafari Provide its users guide online
  3. Join a group that has GeoSafari as a discussion
  4. Make cards
  • Timeline events to their date Matching card
  • True or false cards
  • Map of Locations along the race trail: Checkpoints, natural obstacles, towns near the trail, stopovers and other things you might find.
  • Vocabulary relating to the unit.
  • Anatomy of a Harness, Sled, and dog.
  • Card comparing Humane to inhumane
  • Board games
  1. Ideas for making your own board games at Mary’s Site
  2. Try your hand at making a file folder game to match this topic. Here are some sample File folder game boards.
  3. File folder games you could use as a guide to make games to fit this unit.
  4. Blank Game boards to create any game for this unit.
  5. Scroll Down for printable game parts for games to create with this unit!


Clip Art:


Worksheets, Activities, and complete units:

  • Subscribe to Dover to get new lessons every week!
  • When updating the older units if materials looked like they could be copyright problem I searched for the link if the link could not be found the lesson is left out. For example a lesson plan copied from a website belongs to the website owner. Links to lesson plans and activities here represent materials that can be printed and added to your notebook for this unit. In an endeavor to keep these units small and flexible I have copied the search link where possible. This allows you to see all the lessons on a site rather than just those I felt were pertinent to my objectives. This simplifies the setting up of lesson plans in Homeschool Tracker.
  • Worksheet creation tools
  • Has several online worksheet makers and a ton of Rubric makers Rubrics work great with Homeschool tracker because they give you total points and you count up exactly how many points your child gets
  • Online Crossword Puzzle Maker to use with your Vocabulary words or locations or even dated from the timeline.

Worksheets :

  • This company gives away two free software worksheet factories one for Basic math and one for wordsearch utility that will make wonderful complements to this unit when you include the clipart listed in the clipart section.
  • This program makes nice reports and handwriting worksheets for the unit
  • will turn any text into a worksheet I like to use it with the Wikipedia text or texts from Project Gutenberg. Open up a Microsoft Word “New” and then open the template and add ins’ for teacher’s pet and add one paragraph at a time and click the appropriate tab for the type of question you want.


  • Worksheets
  2. Alaska Map can print with or without labels.
  3. Some Activities require membership
  5. This page would make a great GeoSafari card.
  • Complete Units or Full Courses
  15. Some activities require membership.
  16. Dogs some activities require membership.
  • Collections of Lesson Plans
  2. Math Line
  3. 311
  • Individual lessons
  1. Balto
  2. Create a Salt map of Alaska
  • Other
  1. The things that make a sled dog excellent, are the same Qualities that make it a terrible house pet for all but the most active individuals. These dogs are designed for rugged outdoor work and do not adapt well to the house pet life. Most originally brought into families, rapidly find their way to shelters and backyard tie outs. Unless your planning on working these dogs that typically need exercise 3-6 times a day you may want to look at lower energy dogs. Design a Poster of the Qualities of a dog that would fit your lifestyle and shows what potential side effects of the Quality. For example these would all be Great Qualities in the right circumstances but in the wrong you will get the potential side effects

Quality=undesired side effect

Intelligence = boredom related activities like chewing furniture.

Great sniffer= chewing things that smell good to a dog, for example your underwear or shoes.

Energetic = having to be exercised often and greater food requirements

Size= on both ends, either always getting stepped on or always being in the way.

I would recommend the websites for the APRI and AKC in the Information section of this unit for research as well as the Enchanted Learning site.




Field Trips & Web Quests:


Art and Craft Ideas:

  • Canon Paper Models has a Section on Animals. Many of their dogs have been crossbred to develop “the perfect” Sled dog Make a Whole Team. If you print some in color and some in Black and white it will vary them. Your research should help you make a harness for them.
  1. The German Shepard
  2. The Shiba (hard version)
  3. Shiba (easy)
  4. Husky


Information and General Resources:

  4. Rain forests in Alaska
  • Dog Specific
  1. My Dogs are registered through this organization.
  3. Pet Supply catalog. We do our own immunizations of our Dogs and cats. The cost savings is enormous and it is easy to do! I also use the prices in my Mathematics Worksheet Factory to make word problem sheets for the kids.


Evaluation Ideas :

Assemble a three ring binder and please include:

  • A copy of this unit
  • Course Description (Highschool Students)
  • Write a summary about books read for the unit
  • Your Lapbook created for the unit (K-8 Students)
  • Any worksheets or activity books created with Teachers Pet or the SchoolhouseTech Software
  • Your journal and its contents
  • Your Log of activities from Homeschool Tracker Its Free!
  • Your Timeline

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