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The purpose of this website is to make available ways of cutting costs while homeschooling. We hope this will enable you to save money while maintaining a high quality of education. Some homeschoolers love bargains. Others try to cut costs out of necessity. Regardless of why you want to cut costs, our goal is to help you do the best you can to save money. Homeschooling on a Shoestring first aired on the web back in 1996. September 2002, the original owner, Nancy Groff, decided to hand the baton to someone else. That person was me. Finally on January 11, 2003, Homeschooling on a Shoestring officially changed owners to Jodi Robertson (me!). The old site was at the old url of http://www.geocities.com/Athens/4663. Since then, we have undergone a complete reconstruction, purchased a proper domain name, and had a few design changes to what I hope you all like and find easy to navigate around.


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About the Owner

We are a homeschool family from the start. We have had a bit of public school in the fact that dd had gone to a nursery-type school. My work hours were very weird then. My daughter and I only saw each other in the morning, late at night and on weekends. That was stressful for both of us. When my work hours were changed back to normal (normal for where I work), and I was able to find the best baby-sitter [who could work with my work hours, who also homeschools :-)!!, and most importantly that I trust], I pulled her from nursery school. The nursery school had its good points but there were also things that really bothered me. I tried talking to the teachers but things did not change.

I looked at many school settings: public schools, Montessori, Waldorf, and Christian schools. I started reading many books from the library about homeschooling. My local library also has videos about homeschooling. Once we bought our computer, I researched the homeschool choice on the internet. There were a lot of families who homeschool! All come from different backgrounds too: Single-parent families and two-parent families. Families with stay-at-home-moms and also with stay-at-home-dads. (Yes, Dads homeschool too!) People of every religion, or no religion, homeschool, whether their choice to home educate is based on their religion or not. Military families homeschool, celebrity families homeschool. Some people have the support of their family in their choice to homeschool, some have family members who vehemently oppose homeschooling. My daughters dad is completely opposed to homeschooling.

I have family members on both sides of my parents that homeschool. My daughter is active socially: 4-H, choir, piano, Odyssey of the Mind, friends & family, sports, theater, and church group. Her current favorites are chess club and Brownies. She wants to start karate also. Youth theater is such fun for the kids to participate in. I just have to remember the safety pins, LOL!

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