In Honor of My Dad

In Honor of a True Dad

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It Takes More Than Blood

It takes more than blood to be a dad.
Oh this is surely a proven fact.
I’ve seen men give his heart to a child …
Never once think of taking it back.

A Dad is the one who is always there;
He protects a child from all harm.
He gives a child the assurance that he
will be their anchor in any storm.

A real Dad is a man that teaches his child
all the things in life he needs to know.
He’s the tower of strength a child leans on.
The source of love that helps them grow.

There are men that children call Daddy.
Oh, he is their shelter when it rains.
He showers them with unconditional love.
As if it were his blood in their veins.

Whenever you meet a Dad that redefines the word,
honor him with all the respect that is due.
Understand that he proudly wears this banner …
Because his heart is big enough for you.

It’s sad but true that not all men understand
it takes more than blood to be a dad.
Someday if they wake up to their empty life …
They shall miss what they could have had.

To those men who will never be a dad …
No matter what they say or do.
It takes more than blood to possess that title …
And it’s only found in a man like you.

Reprinted with permission from Author Kaye Des’Ormeaux Copyright © 2001, All Rights Reserved. This poem can be found in her book, Whispers from Heaven. You may visit her book area and read more of her poems and find out about the book at: