What is a Geosafari?

The following are descriptions from Educational Insights which sells Geosafari products. But here is my own description: Geosafari is one of the most versatile educational products that I have ever seen. You can purchase cards for just about any subject. Cards can also be homemade for any subject your child is working on at her or his level using the preset codes. You can even make cards for yourself! There are volume controls on both machines which is a bonus. If play is head-to-head, the machine can be adjusted to each person’s level by setting the amount of maximum time to answer a question.


Make Your Own Geosafari Cards

Geosafari Card Sample

Geosafari Card Sample - Click to see full-size

There is a terrific discussion group at YahooGroups I am a member of that worked with me to help me make my own cards: Geosafari-games. I felt a little intimidated when I tried to make my first card, so the only advice I can give here is this: Try to be by yourself when you make your first card. It will be the hardest card to make but as soon as you do it, you will have so many ideas you won’t know which one to do next.
Side note: The GeoSafari-Games group is being integrated with this website as a membership area – stay tuned!

The regular/junior size model is great for leaving out on the table filled with cards on whatever we are studying for the week. The laptop model has a convenient built-in carry handle and inside slot for holding cards. Whenever we go on a car trip or even to the doctor’s office we take it with us. We took it with us at Easter a few years ago while visiting family and it was a big hit with the kids. I had requests to make more cards to bring with us next time we are together LOL! A side note: cards you make are easily converted between both machines. The best place for beginners to start making their own cards is at Geosafari-games.

Geosafari Laptop Junior Ages 3-7
GeoSafari Laptop is a fun interactive game that incorporates award-winning GeoSafari lesson cards. Wild lights and sounds guide gameplay, track scores, and provide feedback. Designed for grades 3 and up, lessons teach a world of subjects including 24 lessons on wildlife and animals, 36 lessons on science, language and math, 27 map lessons, 30 history lessons, and 9 trivia games. Features self-storage for 63 two-sided cards (included) and three modes of play (1-2 players or head-to-head). Compact, durable construction makes Laptop perfect for carry-home lesson practice. Requires four AA batteries, included. One year warranty.


GeoSafari Laptop Expansion Pack, Ages 8 and up
This GeoSafari Laptop Expansion pack has 126 fun new lessons to be used. The lessons here are for children ages 8 and up. With this expansion pack you can expand your ages 3-7 edition Geosafari Laptop!


Geosafari Jr. Electronic Learning System
GeoSafari Junior GeoSafari is a proven success in thousands of classrooms. GeoSafari Jr. lessons teach important readiness skills such as learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, safety, money, holidays, and much more. Features automatic answer correction and scoring. Requires four D batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter (87002, sold separately). Compatible with all GeoSafari lesson cards (sold separately). One-year warranty.


GeoSafari in Your Curriculum
GeoSafari in Your Curriculum
Tap into the educational power of the GeoSafari Learning Game! Taking your children step-by-step through the game’s procedures and playing modes, this innovative resource guides them in researching, planning, designing, coding, reviewing, and revising to develop their own games. Special sections show you how to promote interdisciplinary learning; sharpen critical thinking skills; target individual learning styles; and assess students’ progress. 121 reproducible pages, softcover. Note: Christian Book Distributors used to carry this. Currently I don’t see it listed on Amazon, but you may be able to find it through Homeschooling on a Shoestring’s Used Book Group, another online book source, resale shop or yard sale. The ISBN is 0-8251-2828-5.

To get the best price on a used machine, first look at Educational Insights website to see their prices for brand new. Then look on Vegsource and eBay for prices on used machines. The GeoSafari Junior we have was purchased from Once Upon a Child with 5 full sets of cards for approximately $40 – 50. Don’t forget to look when garage sale season is on! A few years ago I passed one up at a very dirt cheap price because I had no idea what it was, shame on me, LOL! You can also purchase your GeoSafari by clicking on the above pictured items. Homeschooling on a Shoestring is affiliated with ChristianBooks and any commissions go right back to the website to help keep it running.


More on GeoSafari

Donna Young Donna’s wonderful website shows you how to make your own GeoSafari cards and has a whole lot more! She even offers a cd you can purchase that has a lot of her great work!

6-8 Thematic Units Most outline which GeoSafari cards to use with your centers or areas of learning.

Are you having problems with your GeoSafari not working? Check your user guide and Contact Educational Insights and ask about an Out Of Warranty Service Policy.

Don’t forget to add your GeoSafari lessons to your Homeschool Tracker lesson plans.

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Edcon Publishing - Swiss Family Robinson
Edcon Publishing makes some of my favorite books easy to turn into GeoSafari cards

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