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Energy Saving

In Winter, set thermostat at 68 degrees. At bedtime or when out for the day, set thermostat at 60 degrees. Clean radiators & replace furnace filters a few times a year. Clean bulbs and fixtures of dirt and dust. Use dimmer controls and three-way switches on lamps. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) instead of incandescent (uses less energy and lasts way longer).


You can make your own dip for potato chips, if you are allowed to eat it. Buy dried onion soup and mix it with sour cream or yogurt. It may not be less expensive, but it sure tastes better than what you buy in the dairy section.

Make your own nonfat (or low-fat) yogurt. It is better for you, it may not be cheaper. To a carton of nonfat yogurt add frozen juice concentrate. You may need a little bit of a sweetener. My family likes the combination of apple juice and cinnamon, mm. Experiment a little and you may find a snack good for your family, too.

Scrap Paper

You may recall an article about getting scrap paper from your local printer. Many give it away, others may charge a little. Another use for the smaller pieces are to make your own self-adhesive notes. Walmart sells a restickable adhesive by Scotch for about $1. Rub the glue stick over the back and wait about a minute and you have a sticky note.


If you have an older printer that uses ribbons, you may be able to re-ink them. If they can be rewound, you should be able to rewind the tape and apply re-inking to it and re-use.

Printer cartridges may be recycled. You can purchase either off-brand ink cartridges or use a refill kit. The refill kits shouldn’t be used more than a few times because it may harm your printer. You should check with your favorite computer go-to-person to be certain. Some stores offer drop boxes to put in your used cartridges to be recycled.

If you have a Costco membership, take your cartridges to the photo area and they can refill them. They will test them to see if they can refill them and the cost is quite low. Other companies will refill them for a fee.