Hard Tack Candy

Hard Tack Candy

1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup Karo Syrup (clear)
3/4 cup water
Candy Flavoring
Food Coloring

You will need a candy thermometer and I would highly recommend one of those non-stick sheet cake pans as opposed to the non-stick.

Boil the above ingredients without stirring to 280 to 300ºF. Now, just a word of caution – I not only watch the thermometer, but I also do the string test – when the thermometer reads 280 – 300ºF, take a spoon and dip it in the hot candy – let it drip off spoon – if the string forms and is still pliable, it is not ready yet! If the string forms and cracks when you bend it, the candy is ready RIGHT NOW!!! Make sure you have greased your pan with Crisco. Also, have kids grease their hands with Crisco and grease the spot on the table where they will be cutting and the candy will be laying. Make sure they DON’T grease up too much – it makes the candy taste awful.

Once the candy is ready, put your flavoring in (pure is better but we have used artificial – if using pure – 1 teaspoon – if using artificial, 2 teaspoons). Then pick the color for the candy using food coloring – three-four drops of each color – if making a blend of colors, i.e., purple, use 4 blue, 4 red. Don’t overdue the coloring – it tends to make the candy runny.

Once you have added your coloring and flavoring, stir up and pour into greased pan. Each person should have a pair of good kitchen scissors -(children’s scissors won’t do it) One person (usually Mom) pulls the candy off the pan with spatula or scissors and cuts a piece to give to someone to cut. This all moves quite fast and the candy is HOT SO BE CAREFUL. We have made 4 batches already today and my 5 year old son is doing a fine job. When candy is cut, put into colander with powdered sugar in it. Sift the candy and then put in container. We mix all the candy together in one plastic bowl and then just fill little glass dishes with it and give it as gifts to religion teachers, friends, or whomever you wish. Family members look forward to it each year as I am the only one who is brave enough to attempt it, I guess. LOL!! Maybe brave is the not the correct word here, but I’ll use it anyway!

submitted by Nancy Groff

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