Sunday Stew

Sunday Stew

stew meat (1 to 2 lbs) cut into bit size pieces
potatoes peeled and diced
carrots, peeled and diced
water, to cover bottom plus some
vinegar (not necessary but adds zing)

Put it in the Crock Pot before church at a medium temperature. You can also prepare the rice before church. The rice can sit until you are ready to serve.

Four hours or more later: Add frozen corn and peas, turn the temperature on the highest setting, add cream of mushroom soup or white sauce made from broth. If making sauce, take broth out before adding vegetables.

Once veggies are cooked and stew is bubbly, serve on rice. This is a good filling meal that doesn’t take much time to serve. We use this often for Sunday company as well as for our family. You can put in a roast instead of stew meat, but we find stew meat goes further.

submitted by Nancy Groff

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