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Deal of the Day

We stopped in the resale shop today and my dd came across the handheld games. They were inexpensive so I bought her one. This game is really neat. It’s called Wordhunt (by Radica). It has different timed and 1 no-timed setting. It gives you a word and you find all the words in it that you can by mixing up the letters. Like just now it gave me the word ‘newspaper’ and you have to try to find all the words you can make with the letters in newspaper. We got it for $2.50. It’s on eBay for 25. And the batteries were included 😀 Pretty neat.

ASTC Science Center Discount

ASTC Passport Program The Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) allows members to sample some of the world’s most exciting science centers and museums while on the road. The Passport Program entitles visitors to free general admission. It does not include free admission to planetarium and larger-screen theater presentations nor does it include museum store discounts and other discounts associated with museum membership unless stated otherwise. Please see their website for program details at at

A.C. Moore Homeschool Discount

A.C. Moore A.C. Moore has replaced their discount program. You can earn 10 points for every dollar of your purchase and double points on purchases of $100 or more.

To get your A.C. Moore Rewards Card, sign up in-store or on line at

For further questions about their Rewards Program visit