My aunt sends me lots of coupons. Gotta love it! Anyway, since we’ve moved and most things are in storage (I won’t be able to get to them or find them until the Spring Thaw) and don’t have my coupon box (something My Mother made a long time ago – I’ll post pictures when I find it), I was searching around for coupons on the web. I came across this which I’ve tried and like so far: Krazy Coupon Lady’s Coupon Tracking You d/l the Excel file, I saved the original and for my test run I’ve saved it under the name 2008Coupons, and plug in your coupon info. I have been using CouponMom‘s website to show the sales near me, however near me is only shown Kroger & Meijers. I prefer to cut my coupons and file them in my coupon box, instead of leaving them whole on the page, and I think by using the coupon tracking w/those sales, I’ll be able to get a better grip on grocery spending.

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