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Free Paper Idea

From reader Deborah C, in OK

I thought I would share with everyone how we get a large portion of our paper for FREE. There is a small business a couple miles away that trashes large amounts of paper including partial portions of fax paper rolls (great for timelines, art projects and even home-made wrapping paper). The secretary at this company puts aside the paper that is blank or used on one side – paper that is wrinkled or mis-printed and she gives this to paper to us for FREE. It helps them recycle and it helps us by allowing us to keep our good paper for special projects. This is something many schools have been forced to do recently but we’ve have chosen to do this all along to save money – the few dollars a reem of paper certainly adds up over the course of a school year. I’m sure many of you have thought of this – especially those of you with businesses of your own but I thought I’d share just in case.